The 6th Psiu! Forró Festival will take place on

25-28 January 2018

The Psiu! Forró Festival connects tradition and new dance styles!


For the 6th time Berlin will be the place to celebrate a whole weekend of forró-culture. The intimate atmosphere with limited workshop participants to ensure effective learning on one hand, and the big glorious parties on the other hand, turn the festival into a very special event! Aiming to raise forrozeiros’ awareness of the roots of forró and at the same time bring all styles closer together, we will create a program which includes traditional forró, forró universitário and other Brazilian dances, such as frevo, samba de gafieira.


We invite beginners and advanced dancers, youngsters and adults to join us for this event and create a welcoming atmosphere!

About the organizer

The dance studio Dança Frevo was founded in 2012 by Carlos Frevo and Anja and is named after the dance style Frevo, a traditional dance from the northeastern Brazil, which was inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in December 2012.

Dança Frevo offers regular classes for all ages, not only in known Brazilian dances but also in modern interpretations of them. It is not only the first frevo dance studio in Europe, but also the first dance studio, which organizes Brazilian dance festivals in Berlin. One focused on Samba de Gafieira, the “Samba Treffen Berlin” and the other focused on Forró, the “Psiu! Forró Festival Berlin”.

Throughout the year Dança Frevo invites often world-known and established dance teachers and musicians to give workshops and play on the dance studio’s stage.

Psiu! Forró Festival Berlin