Teachers & Bands

Bruno Prado & Diana - Düsseldorf / Rio de Janeiro

Bruno Prado was born in Rio de Janeiro and is a teacher, dancer and choreographer. He has begun his journey in 2008, where he started to learn all the brasilian ballroom dances. He is practicing forró since 2009, both in and out of Rio de Janeiro and is qualified by the dance school of Alex de Carvalho. Bruno brought a joyfull style in forró with a lot of energy  by creating his own style. It has been nearly 3 years since he started to tour all over Europe. His main goal is to spread forró all around with fantastic performances and an endless sympathy, conquering more an more place in the world for the sake of forró.
So far he has  taken part as a teacher in more than 30 festivals as well as congresses and workshops. Bruno also teaches Samba de Gafieira and Zouk. Currently he is living in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Cacau Moutinho & Lydie - Lille / Bahia 

Cacau has been dancing forró since he was a child. Native of Bahia (Serinha) he decided to devote himself entirely to music after he graduated from the university. He played in several bands like Percatilha de Couro, Xote Civilizado and Rockxotesambareggaenogalope as a percussionnist (zabumba). In France, he gets fully involved with the brazil afro funk collective and plays in 3 bands: forró pitu, samba de bamba & choco brazileiro. His great experience as a dancer in Brazil leads him to give forró classes, workshops and shows, and therefore participate in developing forró in Lille, with the help of his partner Lydie, who’s also an artist of the collective.

Carlos Frevo - Berlin / Pernambuco 

Carlos Frevo, born Carlos da Silva, is a qualified dancer. Born in Pernambuco, Brazil he has been working as a dancer, dance-instructor & choreographer since 1998. Influenced by the diverse culture of Brazil, he possesses an extensive repertoire of traditional Brazilian dances: frevo, maracatu, coco, samba, afro-brazilian dance and forró. He began his education in traditional dance at the age of 12 in the “Tax Dance Company”, “Maje Mole”, “Darue Malungo” as well as “Cia Terapia Dança de Salão”. He also took classes with the great Frevo-master Meia Noite. In 2000 he began his education in modern dance in the “Company Experimental de Dança”.

Since 2004 Carlos Frevo lives and works in Berlin/Germany. He regularly gives classes in forró, samba, samba de gafieira, frevo and afro-brazilian dance. In 2006 Carlos Frevo formed his own dance group called “Locomotiva do Frevo” and acted as a choreographer for the group till 2015. In 2016 he formed the "Carlos Frevo Dance Company" and started working on new projects combining different styles of dance.

In 2012 he opened the dance school "Dança Frevo", with which he aims to advertise the manifold culture of Brazil beyond its borders.

Fabio Reis

Dancer, teacher and choreographer of ballroom dances, has as his main dance Forró, a rhythm that has been researching over the past 15 years. Since then, he has won twice the Brazilian Forró Championship, awards in national and international dance festivals, travelled to several countries in South America, Europe and Asia, has appeared in many TV shows, dance congresses throughout Brazil and his last conquer was as best Forró teacher of Brazil in 2015 and 2016 (Troféu Baila Mundo). His research in ballroom dancing and Brazilian folk led him to develop a multicultural forró dance, without prejudice, because in his opinion Forró is one of the richest dances in terms of styles and different way to dance the same music. Currently Fábio lives in Stuttgart - Germany and teaching Forró in Europe.


Juliana Braga - Amsterdam / Belo Horizonte

Juliana Braga started at the age of 10 her education in modern dance, theatre, afro-brazilian and folklore dance at the first dance school for modern dance in the city: Transforma. In 1981, Juliana’s father took her to a gafieira: a place where people dance samba, bolero and other partnering dances, and where Juliana discovered saloon dance as her passion. She took up intensive classes with the best saloon dancers of Belo Horizonte.

From the 1990s, Juliana has given numerous workshops and created dance projects all across the Netherlands. In 2007, Juliana opened her own dance school in the centre of Amsterdam: Espaço Cultural. Besides forró, samba solo and samba de gafieira, she also teaches musicality and body awareness.

Marion Lima - Paris

Born in Paris, Marion Pigeard started dancing at the age of 12 studying modern jazz, tap dance and musical comedy. At 18 she discovered salsa and other latin dances (bachata, merengue) and since 2003 she has taught salsa near Paris.

In 2004, Marion discovered forró through various Brazilian partnerships. From 2006, and after completing her training, Marion began travelling regularly to Brazil and created a partnership with Marinho Braz. In 2006 she went on to create the association “Le P´tit Bal Perdu” which diffuses a culture of couple dance, organises lessons, evening events and the Forró Festival “Ai que Bom” which takes place in Paris.

Today, Marion teaches and organizes dance programs in France, Europe and Brazil to diffuse as widely as possible the culture of Forró.

Ricardo Ambrózio - Brussels / Rio de Janeiro

Choreographer and professional dancer, Ricardo Ambrozio was born in the south of Brasil and lived in Rio de Janeiro. Ricardo met forró in 1999. Curious and charmed by it, he dedicated 5 years to practice, research and taking classes of different forró styles. Dancer with technical training in hip-hop, capoeira, different rhythms of ballroom dance, ballet, jazz and contemporary, he used this wide variety into analyzing and building up his own style, bringing together different styles of forró. After teaching for many years (amongst others in Paris, Cologne, Lisbon, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Freiburg, Porto, ,Stuttgart, Nantes and Oslo ) and setting up forró in Brussels with regular workshops and events, he developed his own didactic and methodology: Forró Calango.


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